About Me

Thumbs up!There’s something indescribable about floating above the earth, so much so that sometimes it seems pointless to even try. Just go for a flight! Perhaps the only way to even try to explain hang gliding is throw a bunch of words at it and hope some are meaningful, like most blogs do. To live in an era of this pale blue dot that has opened us up to the world of personal, foot-launched flight, absolutely amazes me. The greatest minds of history have dreamed of this, and here, our generations, are alive to experience their dreams.

Growing up, on a family vacation, we visited Kitty Hawk, North Carolina one year. An interest in the sky—and all things airborne—must have already been kindled within me, however it was the people running off the dunes and into the air that caught my eye. Thinking back, I’m sure flying from the top of a dune was the only logical way I could think of for getting back to the bottom, for who wants to trod through the deep sand back down? I pleaded for my parents to sign me up to go hang gliding. They listened and took me to where I could sign up, all the while probably hoping that I was too young, or some other reason for why I would not be able to try…they got their wish, and that reason was the schedule was booked solid.

Years later the images of seeing people flying from the dunes have stuck with me. In 2011 when I moved to California, finally, I found the opportunity to fly. Since then, I have not looked back. I have tasted the sky and learned how to return. Flying is peace. Flying is freedom. Hang gliding the purest of each.

Follow me in my soaring adventures. Get a peak into life in the sky, and if you dare, pursue the life yourself!