Time Flies When You’re Flying

I cannot believe it’s been a year since my last post!Let's fly!

Lots of course has happened since. From instructing in New England, traveling back to California, having some great flights on my T2C 136 Speedybird, my first open class competitions, personal bests…

So let’s get back to writing. I have posts I’ve been working on periodically. Now to finish them and hit publish!

Anyway, the flying has been great. I have two more comps planned for the rest of 2016. Let’s fly!


Turbulated Speed Sleeves and Helmets?

Under Armour’s Mach 39 Speed Skating Suit may not have lived up to the fanfare, but the ideas are introduced to the world including two years of research and development. Though still too early to tell whether the suit failed or lack of on-ice testing accounted for the U.S. Speed Skating team resorting back to their World Cup suits, I will be interested to see if the technology finds its way into hang gliding. Certainly new speed sleeves would be easy enough. However, in a sport where milliseconds are less crucial perhaps dimples will only up the cute factor. Maybe I can request that my new harness be polka dotted.

Photo by Under Armour