Flytec Americus Cup Here I Come

It’s official. I am registered for the Flytec Americus Cup. My first comp. So many things to figure out to get my gear and myself there. Here we go, what have I got myself into this time?

Flat lands flying will be new to me, but I know Georgia well. My mom grew up not too far from Americus. My grandfather worked at Warner Robins AFB just outside of Americus. Growing up we’d frequently take trips to Georgia to visit family or take a vacation. Though I remember the mid-summer big fat Georgia rain pelting our car and forcing us to pull off the road, I also remember the small southern towns, beautiful countrysides, barbecue, and lush forests. A lot probably hasn’t changed, but no BBQ though for this vegetarian, as hard as it may be to resist.

Though I won’t have a new harness by then, that’s ok. Slow and steady is fine by me. My goal is simply to make goal…actually, my primary goal is to have a blast and learn as much as I can.

Also harness related: I now have tow loops sewn on! In Santa Cruz last year we had to loop the bridle and release around the harness straps. It worked, but sure is better to have loops. One worry I do have is not having towed since September. By the end of the week at SCFR, I felt very comfortable towing—of course I did, Jonny Thompson taught me—even in midday conditions. I plan to arrive in Americus early Friday to have all day Saturday to scrape off the rust.

To recap where my yearly goals stand (see this post): I’ve already flown more without my vario, I’ll be flying a new site going to this comp, I’ll be flying this comp, and I am already working on my instructor rating. I’m excited with my progress so far.

Ok then, guess it’s time to see how this San Diego pilot stacks up. See everyone in May!

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